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160+ Easy Fall Desserts Recipes for Best Autumn Dessert

Instructions. Line an 8x8-inch baking pan with parchment paper. In a large bowl, stir together the peanut butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla, and salt until combined. Add the almond flour and maca, if using, and stir to combine (the mixture will be thick). Fold in the chocolate chips and press into the pan.

40 Easy Fall Dessert Recipes Best Treats for Autumn Parties

Vegan Fall Desserts with Apples. 1. Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Donuts with Apple Butter. Photo: This Vibrant World. These sugary donuts taste like a crisp Autumn day at the state fair. They're all about cinnamon and apple with a hint of ginger. 2. Apple Spice Cake with Maple Buttercream. Photo: Hot for Food Blog.

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Vegan fall desserts. To round out your vegan fall feast, be sure to whip up a seasonal sweet treat! These autum desserts are sure to hit the spot! Vegan Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Glaze (Healthy & Oil-Free) This Vegan Pumpkin Cookie Recipe is light & healthy but full of amazing pumpkin spice flavors. You just need 1 bowl and 30 minutes to whip.

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Nothing says fall more than an apple pie cooling on the counter or a pumpkin spiced sweet treat. We have those recipes for you, without the eggs, butter or cream. We're talking vegan desserts specifically curated for fall flavors. Get you some: 1. 1-Bowl Vegan Pumpkin Roll. Minimalist Baker. Get the 1-Bowl Vegan Pumpkin Roll recipe from.

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Here are my 15 Vegan Fall Dessert Recipes to enjoy for this fall season! Pumpkin, apples, candied nuts - you name it! It's almost FALL!! The season of all things sweater weather, comforting warm drinks and all things PUMPKIN!! A time for hanging out with loved ones. Baked with the young ones. Dressing up in our favourite outfits.

21 Heavenly Vegan Fall Dessert Recipes The Green Loot

Pumpkin desserts; Apple desserts; Pear recipes; Sweet potato desserts; Cranberry desserts; Pumpkin desserts. Here you'll find delicious vegan recipes for classic pumpkin pie and more unusual pumpkin desserts such as brownies, cookies and custards. They're all full of fall flavor and warming spices to keep you cozy on these darker nights.

40 Easy Fall Dessert Recipes Best Treats for Autumn Parties

Rice Flour Pancakes with Plum Compote. 9. Clean Eating Almond Butter Fudge. 10. Pumpkin Chia Smoothie. 11. Pumpkin-Oat Blender Pancakes. 12. Coconut Rice and Pomegranate Porridge.

100+ Easy Fall Desserts Recipes for Best Autumn Dessert

Vegan Champagne Buttercream. Vegan Apple Frangipane Tart (French Apple Tart) Required fields are marked. A round up of 10 of the best vegan fall desserts! Think cinnamon rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie and fall cookies with a vegan twist.

57 Fall Desserts to Cozy Up with This Autumn The Gracious Wife

16 - Vegan Pumpkin Bundt Cake With Maple Frosting. A vegan bundt cake recipe made with pumpkin purée and maple frosting is the best fall dessert. It's soft, moist, and so flavorful as well. Recipes for pumpkin desserts like this are easy and delicious. Furthermore, it's dairy and egg free!

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This round-up of vegan fall desserts will keep you swooning as the leaves change colors all season long. From pumpkin pie and apple pie to serve up at Thanksgiving, to a healthy spin on caramel apples, this will help you make the most of autumn. Explore Recipes . Fall Pies & Pastries.

35 Easy Fall Dessert Recipes Best Treats for Autumn Parties

7. Coffee cake. Two layers of coffee-flavoured sponge cake sandwiched together and topped with dairy-free coffee frosting. This is perfect for an evening dessert or an afternoon pick-me-up. 8. Apple cake. This apple cake is soft, moist and perfectly sweet. It's easy to make and great for baking with kids. 9.

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Vegan Fall Desserts Made with Pumpkin 1. Easy Vegan Pumpkin Brownies Vegan. These vegan brownies are so easy and delicious. Plus they can be easily modified for other dietary restrictions too. Don't forget the chocolate drizzle! 2 cups all-purpose flour (or almond flour) ½ cup coconut oil melted; ½ cup pumpkin puree; 2 tablespoons pumpkin pie.

5 Autumn Desserts Aspire Home Health and Hospice

But this, Vegan Pecan Apple Cranberry Cobbler is literally to die for and one of the best cranberry recipes for the season! Scoop some cobbler up and place in a bowl. Throw some vegan ice cream on top and you're golden. Delicious cranberries and crisp apples are perfect together. Pumpkins!

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3. Vegan Baked Pears From Plant-Based on a Budget. Transform ordinary pears into a cozy, crowd-pleasing dessert perfect for chilly months. Baking brings out pears' natural sweetness, making them the ideal canvas for toppings like crunchy walnuts and pecans, chewy dried berries, and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice.

57 Fall Desserts to Cozy Up with This Autumn The Gracious Wife

Place the pitted dates in a shallow bowl and cover with hot water. Let them sit for 30 minutes, then drain. Add all ingredients to a food processor and process until a homogeneous mixture forms. You might need to add some extra water if the mixture doesn't come together. Using your clean wet hands, roll the mixture into individual balls.

30 Heavenly Vegan Fall Dessert Recipes The Green Loot

The greatest part of Fall recipes is that they are super easy to adjust to your dietary needs and preferences. There are a number of vegan substitutes you can use in recipes such as flax eggs, cashews, nut milks, etc. However, it's much better to find recipes that were intentionally created plant-based. There are so many out there it's easy to do!