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Bruce Plum Tree. Bruce Plum Tree (Prunus salicina x angustifolia 'Bruce') grows well in low lying areas where summers are hot and dry. In 1921, A.L Bruce of Donley, Texas introduced this American hybrid plum to the home grower market. It is considered to be among the tastiest, driest and easiest to grow plums out there.

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Shop our wide selection of Blue Damson Plum Trees for sale at Willis Orchards. Damson plums are great for fresh eating, cooking, jam, or making wine! Call Toll-Free: 1-866-586-6283. You are. tart flavor. Blue Damson plums are great for fresh eating, cooking, jam, or making wine. The Damson Plum trees grow 12-15 feet tall, are self fertile.

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The cool temperature will prevent rot and overripening and potentially allow your plums to last for weeks. Nutritional Information. On average, one plum has 76 calories, 19 grams of carbohydrates and 16 grams of sugar. A plum provides 26 percent of Vitamin C and 11 percent Vitamin A. Recipes.

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The deep ruby coloring runs from skin to flesh in this freestone plum. It was developed by Luther Burbank in Sonoma California in the early 1900s. The flesh is firm and sweet with just a hint of tartness. Use this plum for fresh eating or add to salads, ice cream, and pies. These are delicious, but unfortunately, in a very limited amount.

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Pick your own (u-pick) plums farms, patches and orchards in USA. Filter by sub-region or select one of u-pick fruits, vegetables, berries. You can load the map to see all places where to pick plums in USA for a better overview and navigation.

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The American plum is a small tree that is native throughout much of the central United States. It produces 1", reddish-purple plums that are best suited for jams or jellies. Though it does grow fruit, this tree is typically planted for ornamental and wildlife value. Produces small, reddish-purple plums that ripen in July and August.

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The Stanley Prune is a large, high quality plum with a dark blue skin and a greenish-yellow flesh. This prune plum tree is the #1 choice for prune fanatics but is excellent for canning and fresh eating as well. The Stanley Prune is a self-fertile plum that is an excellent pollinator for other plum trees. The fruit is finely grained and very sweet.

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A true Chickasaw plum tree is hard to come by due to the very limited seed sources and propagation stock. Some well-known mail order nurseries sell impostor grafted varieties as Chickasaw plums. So, order early to reserve these Chickasaw Plum trees for sale from Willis Orchard Company. Chickasaw is self-fruiting. (250-300 Chill Hours)

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Select plums that are plump and have a slight give when ripe. They should be bruise-free and have a fruity, sweet aroma. Produce Availability. Other products you might like *Available while quantities last. Items are limited and may not be available in all stores. We reserve the right to limit quantities sold.

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Our goal is to provide the highest quality pecan and fruit trees in the area. top of page. 919-915-3561. ABOUT US . Over 40 years ago, Alton Woodard began to share his passion and knowledge of pecan through Woodard's Pecan Farm. Since that time, our family has supplied the highest quality pecan trees to North Carolina and the surrounding states.

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Expected to ship Summer 2024. Shipping included. Santa Rosa plums are something special. Famous for their beautiful dark skin and yellow flesh. Named for its birthplace, this plum was bred by the famed California horticulturist Luther Burbank in his Santa Rosa plant research center. Red-skinned with a purple bloom, the Santa Rosa's amber flesh gets flushed with red as it ripens. This fruit.

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Planting Your Plum Trees. Prepare the soil for your Plum Tree by digging a good amount of organic material into the soil. This could be compost you have made in your garden, or well-rotted farm manure, both of which will give good results. Plum trees are grown by grafting the variety wanted onto a special plum that just makes the root system.

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Methley. Great looking tree year-round! In spring it shows off fragrant flowers summer, in summer it produces beautiful, juicy and sweet purple-red plums & in fall and winter, it add great structural interest to the landscape. Ripens early to mid August & is available in Dwarf size (10'-12'). Needs a pollinator.


The coloring will be deep-purple with a red blush and will darken to black as they ripen. Avoid product that is extremely hard or has brown skin discolorations. About 3 pounds. Share this: For Chefs & Produce Managers. Food Service: 323-584-4940. Produce Managers: 800-468-7111. [object Object] Good-quality Italian Prune Plums will have a cloudy.