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Ingredients. Serves 6. 3 cups fresh pink or red grapefruit juice (from about 4 grapefruit) 3 cups fresh blood-orange juice or regular orange juice (from about 11 oranges) Garnish: lime slices.

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Citrus Salad with Orange-Flower Water, Pistachios, and Pomegranate Seeds. Orange-flower water can give even a simple fruit salad a faraway lilt, but adding too much of it leaves a dish tasting.


Blood Orange Paloma Cocktail Cookie Rookie. fresh lime juice, grapefruit juice, blood orange juice, coarse sea salt and 3 more. The Best Orange Juice Grapefruit Juice Cocktail Recipes on Yummly | Sparkling Grapefruit Cocktails, Grapefruit Mimosa, The Best Mulled Wine.

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Chop the grapefruit into smaller pieces. Add to a high powered blender and blend for 45-60 seconds, until there results in a juicy, foamy consistency. For a smooth consistency, pour through a strainer (affiliate link) or nut cloth and into a measuring cup.

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Method. Peel oranges, grapefruit and lemon leaving on as much of the nutritious white pith as possible. The pith is full of bioflavonoids which benefit your gums, capillaries and blood vessels. Slice or use your hands to prepare citruses into segments that fit your juicer. Juice and drink immediately.

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Peel and discard the remaining white part of peel from the oranges. Coarsely chop the orange and grapefruit, discarding any membranes and saving the juice. Mix fruit and juice with the zest and lemon juice. Measure 2-⅓ cups of the fruit mixture into a large microwave-safe bowl.

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Next, add grapefruits and oranges to the blender and blend until smooth. If having trouble blending, add ½ cup of filtered water (juice will be less intense in flavor). Strain and enjoy. By juicer: remove the peels of oranges and grapefruits first by knife or hand.

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Why buy orange juice, when you can make it at home with FRESH oranges! Making it at home ensures that your family gets the best taste and nutrition. The oran.

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Instructions. In a small saucepan, over medium heat, stir together the sugar, ginger, and water. Simmer for 5 minutes, transfer to a glass bowl or cup, and place in the freezer for a few minutes to cool. Strain the ginger into a pitcher along with the lime and grapefruit juices.

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Instructions. Begin by squeezing the juice from the grapefruits. I use a citrus juicer like this one. Pour the grapefruit juice, vodka, and triple sec into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously, and strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice. Top with the lemon-lime soda and garnish with a grapefruit slice.

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Cut oranges and grapefruits in half. Using a handheld or electric juicer, squeeze juice from fruit, discarding seeds. In a pitcher, mix together juices and coconut water. Stir to combine. Add lime wedges, if desired, to pitcher or serve with individual glasses. Serve with ice or chill in fridge for 2-3 hours.

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Sponsored. Frothy fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with lots of lemon and orange. The kind of drink you try to savor by sipping extra slowly. Still always disappears too fast. For two servings, use about 3 grapefruit, 3 oranges and 2 lemons.

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Place this into the blender first. Cut the apple and remove the seeds. We leave the skin on and cut into cubes that are 1-2″ in size. Place this into your blender on top of the grapefruit. Cut the ends off the carrots and peel (optional) then slice into 1″ or smaller pieces. Add the carrots to your blender and blend for 1-2 minutes.

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Make the Spicy Citrus Margarita. In a large glass, add the sliced jalapeno, triple sec, sugar, and 2 tbsp lime juice. Muddle the mix (push with a ladle incase muddler is not there). Sieve this mix into a large jar and add the juices (orange, lime, grapefruit) and tequila. Give it a good stir (do a taste and adjust seasoning as per choice).

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Place the peels, fruit and water in a large pot. Add enough water to bring the total to 6 cups and bring to a strong simmer over medium-high heat. Step 6. Cook the citrus until the peels have begun to soften and turn translucent, and the liquid has reduced by about three-fourths, 40 to 50 minutes. Step 7.

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Instructions. Press grapefruits, orange, lemon and ginger through a juicer. Enjoy immediately or transfer to a jar, seal well and refrigerate up to 24 to 48 hours. Nutrients are most potent when consumed as soon after juicing as possible.