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A well-renowned apple, Kingston Black delivers boldness, complexity and balance all in one variety. Rich fruity/floral apple aromatics similar to McIntosh bring in notes of fall apple, fresh banana and dried apricot. Medium tannin delivers full color and a rounded mouthfeel with mild grapefruit astringency and faint wood tones.

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The Kingston Black, also known as Black Taunton, is a cultivar of apple originating from the United Kingdom and used in making cider. The name of the cultivar comes from the apples' dark red or purplish skin, though despite the name, the fruit does not have a black hue. History.

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Hundreds of apples, plus notes and comment on the harvest and more.

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Abundant, full-bodied, red-amber juice which is sweet and sharp with a rich, fruity flavour and a tannic aftertaste. uses: A bittersharp English cider apple. Considered vintage quality. origins: According to British pomologist Robert Hogg in the 1881 edition of "The Apple and Pear as Vintage Fruits" the Kingston Black was raised at Kingstone.

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The Kingston Black is a cider apple with an intricate balance of bittersharp and sweet flavors, featuring hints of orange zest and woody notes. It yields a juice that promises depth and character in every glass of cider, with a perfect harmony of acidity and tannins. Cider Profile. Ciders crafted from our Kingston Black apples feature:

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Kingston Black is one of the most distinguished of the traditional cider apples, and in 1850 Robert Hogg wrote that "this beautiful little apple" was "the most valuable cider apple in England." It yields a superb bittersharp vintage (good for single-variety ciders) juice. Our friends at Eve's Cidery say "Grown well and made well, Kingston Black.

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Kingston Black Apple. $49.95. Add to cart. Kingston Black cider apple trees, also known as Black Taunton, is crimson over yellow-orange ground color. The Kingston Black apples are bitter sharp juice ferments to a distinctively flavored hard cider without blending. The fruit is aromatic with a sweet-acid flavor and a noticeable astringent.

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12 x 500ml 6.5% ABV. Sheppy's Kingston Black Cider is produced from the increasingly rare old Somerset cider apple variety called Kingston Black, renowned for being one of the finest cider varieties in the world. All our ciders contain sulphites, which is an antioxidant vital for maintaining freshness and the levels are well within legal limits.

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Kingston Black (Malus domestica) is in flowering group 4. Kingston Black is not self-fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby.Choose another variety. Varieties that will pollinate Kingston Black in our catalog. Akane Find pollinators > Akane is an attractive early-season eating apple with a good pedigree and a sweet.

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1 review. $59.99. Malus domestica 'Kingston Black'. Classified as a 'bittersharp' apple, the English consider it to be the standard cultivar for making a high-quality, single variety cider. Originally from Somerset and first mentioned in the 1826 catalog of the London Horticultural Society. A good harvest of small-to-medium, dark red apples.

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Pomologist Robert Hogg in his The Apples and Pears as Vintage Fruits (1886) wrote that Kingston Black was first introduced into Herefordshire circa 1820 by George Palmer of Bollitree Castle near Ross-on-Wye. By the end of the 19 th century it was one of the most widely planted varieties in the shire. Most ciders were, and still are, blends, but.

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THE KINGSTON BLACK apple has garnered much praise and admiration from cider makers on these shores and beyond. Originating in the UK, and very sparsely grown here in the United States, these apples possess the 3 ingredients known to make a well balanced cider: tannins, acidity, & sugar. The skin of these apples glow a deep red color, thus the.

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KINGSTON BLACK is one of the classic cider apples, and is speculated to have originated in Somersetshire, England, about 1820. It is thought to be named after the village of Kingston St. Mary, near Taunton, and is probably related to other Somerset bittersharp varieties, such as Lambroook Pippin, and others. It is one of a very few single.

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Kingston Black English Style | 06.20. Notoriously hard to grow, Kingston Black is nonetheless the world's most renown cider apple, presenting an ideal balance of flavor, tannins and acidity. Baked apple and dried fruit flavors over white pepper, caramel and oaky notes; medium tannins. Delicious!

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Malus domestica 'Kingston Black'. $38.25. Kingston Black (Bitter-sharp hard cidre) Apple on Semi-Dwarf (EMLA 116) Root - Extra Large 5/8" up caliper grade. Quantity: Add to cart. Summary. Kingston Black is one of the few English Cidre apples that can be used for singel-variety cidre. It has a good sugar content with a bitter sharp flavor class.

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Kingston Black cider apple trees for sale. Our inventory is up to date, you can pre-order now for the spring 2024 planting season. 1 Dwarf 1-year bare-root tree $37.95. Mature height: 6ft-9ft after 10 years. Dwarf rootstock. Out of stock. Alert me. 2 Semi-dwarf 1-year bare-root tree $37.95. Mature height: 8ft-12ft after 10 years.