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Grocery Outlet, Walmart, and WinCo Foods were the price winners—where many families could save more than $2,800 per year. Grocery Outlet, which offers a somewhat odd assortment of steeply discounted surplus national-brand products, offered prices that were about 27 percent lower than the average. WinCo and Walmart were the other big savers.

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Overall Total: (41 items) $97.02. $83.53. Overall, Walmart came out cheaper than Smith's with a total of $83.53. This was $13.49 (about 14%) cheaper than Smith's total of $97.02. Even though Smith's had a lot of items on sale, their prices were still higher than the everyday price at Walmart.

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Food Lion, Grocery Outlet, Meijer, Price Rite, Walmart, and WinCo win for price. Our shoppers found these discounters consistently offered very low prices compared to the average prices at the stores we surveyed, typically 12 to 30 percent below the all-store average in each area. For a family that spends $250 per week at the supermarket, a 10.

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Here we are. I decided to do Walmart, Smith's, and Macey's. Walmart for obvious reasons - they're everywhere, one of the first to offer this, and usually the biggest. Smith's is where I usually do most of my grocery shopping. I like their rewards and coupons - super easy savings for a n00b like me. I don't do Macey's as much but.

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About four years ago, I was leaving Walmart and I was in the worst mood. I thought, "Why am I always grumpy when I leave this store?" That was the day that I decided once and for all that I was going to start grocery shopping somewhere else.


Smith's works out to the same pricing as walmart if you get a membership card and buy the discounted stuff. Essentially everything is inflated but the discounts bring it pretty close to Walmart prices. Rancho Markets are great for produce and meat. 12. kimmydawn.

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In this category, Walmart won again, with groceries that were significantly cheaper than the other retailers. The total cost for the fruits and vegetables was $6.61 at Walmart, $7.94 at Target and $9.34 at Albertsons — 41% more than the cost at Walmart.

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The contenders. Utah plays host to several grocery companies, including local favorite Harmons, and its fiercest competitor Smith's Food and Drug, a subsidiary of Kroger. Both companies are headquartered in Utah and make a play for our daily food dollars. They are joined, however, by national contenders such as Trader Joe's, Costco, Sprouts.

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Not as an overall savings at the individual stores. Macey's Total In-store $30.19 Online $34.06 $3.87 cheaper in the store. Walmart Total In-store $23.87 Online $24.26 $0.39 cheaper in the store. Smith's Total In-store $25.75 Online $25.75 Broke even store vs. online. While these amounts are really alarming, depending on the size of your order.

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Like damn I save 20% on groceries if I go to Walmart instead of smiths or target. They make deals with manufactures to buy metric fucktonnes of product at a cheaper price than other stores. They also in some cases get manufactures to make a lesser version of the same product that may be missing features so they can sell it cheaper.


The price winners were FoodMaxx, Foods Co., Grocery Outlet, Smart & Final, Sprouts Farmers Market, Walmart, and WinCo Foods—where many families could save $1,800 to more than $3,700 per year. WinCo and Walmart were the biggest savers, with prices 29 percent and 26 percent lower than average, respectively. The next-best bets for low grocery.

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In most sections, Smith's came out cheaper. Let's look at the overall totals. Overall, Smith's was cheaper than Albertsons with a total of $97.42. This was $16.63 (about 15%) cheaper than Albertson's total of $114.05. Even though Albertsons's had a lot of items on sale, their sale price didn't beat Smith's regular price.

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When a Walmart comes to town, the local economic framework is immediately thrown into turmoil. Many small and regional businesses get trampled by the low prices made possible by the massive economies of scale of the giant retailer.

The Smiths Shirts, The Smiths Merch, The Smiths Hoodies, The Smiths

2. Check Weekly Ads to Find Cheap Groceries. Shop the sales to snag special prices, promotions and seasonal incentives. Most grocery store websites now have an online signup to receive their ads and weekly circular in your email inbox.

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While prices have definitely increased in the past year, Aldi is still the winner as it was back in 2022. Here are the 2022 results. From last year to this, Aldi's percentage increased from 66% to 69%, while Walmart's dropped from 57% to 50%. If you are curious, here are the 2021 price results.

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That shopping basket at Walmart cost a total of $119.44 at checkout -- the best overall value of the six companies, the bank analysts found. By comparison, the same grocery items cost $126.35 at.