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Move your seeds to a brighter window. Change the humidity. Placing a plastic bag or a bell jar over your seedling helps increase the humidity and could tease out your seedling. Change the planting depth. Some seeds want the standard planting depth, but some only want a light covering of soil or no covering at all.

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A decorative shrub with large compound leaves. Takes little time to raise from seed. It makes great impact with lots of attractive, fresh green leaves, that stay glossy even in the dry air of heated homes. great for air purification indoors. Package of 15 seeds $2.95. Package of 150 seeds $6.95.

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Also an air purifying indoor plant. Seed Germination: Soak the seeds for 24-48 hours in lukewarm water and sow the seeds in sowing mix.. Seed Germination: Soak the seeds in hot water for 24 hours before planting. Plant the seeds 1/4" deep with 2-3 seeds per container. Cover the soil with plastic to maintain the humidity and keep soil.

Best Indoor Live House Plants Online Small & Tall Indoor Plants

Steps to Start Seeds Indoors 1. Choose the Right Seeds. Start with choosing seeds that are known to be easier for beginners. Vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce, or flowers like marigolds and sunflowers, are great choices. A general rule of thumb is the bigger the seed the easier it is to grow.

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Seed Store › Indoors / Houseplants.. 15 mixed seeds. $3.99 Astrophytum capricorne - Goat's Horn Cactus. $4.99 Calonyction - Giant Moonflower Vine. $1.99 Chlorophytum amaniense - Mandarin Plant. $9.95 Dracunculus vulgaris - Voodoo Lily. $16.95 Fuchsia boliviana alba, White Bolivian Fuchsia. $4.09.

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Obtaining indoor houseplant seeds is a little bit more difficult than getting carrot or radish seeds. The best place to find indoor plant seeds is online or through a mail order catalogue. There are numerous specialty plant sellers who deal in indoor houseplant seeds and of course there's Amazon and Etsy. Also social media is another great.

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Use warm water to avoid shocking the seeds with cold water. Fill the seed trays or containers with the moistened soil, leaving about 1/4 inch of space at the top. Tamp down the soil lightly to remove any air pockets. Label the trays or containers with the plant's name and the planting date to keep track of your seeds.

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Asparagus Fern (Asparagus Setaceus) Asparagus Fern. It may surprise some people that asparagus ferns are quite easy to grow from seed. They are delicate, especially their lightweight stems. They are popular houseplants that grow easily from seeds and are very simple to care for over time, too.

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Indoor Plants that Grow from Seeds. 1. Gloxinia. Botanical Name: Sinningia speciosa. Time: 1-3 weeks. These flowering houseplants are related to African violets and grow well in indirect sunlight. You can easily propagate the hybrid cultivars from seeds. 2.

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Gardenia in Reclaimed Wood. Gift Plants As Low As $59.95. Low High A-Z Z-A Featured. Page 1 of 1. View All. There are many reasons to grow indoor plants. When you buy houseplants, you start to receive the benefits immediately. There are studies that have shown that just looking at green leaves of plants will elevate your mood and sense of well.