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Instructions: Peel the guava with a vegetable peeler. Cut the guava in half and use a spoon to scoop the seeds from the fruit (note: the seeds are as hard as granite, so you want to make sure you get them all out). Add the guava, banana, simple syrup, rum, ice and lime juice to the blender and blitz until smooth.

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Allow the milk to hydrate the oats for an additional minute. Break up the block of fruit pulp a bit, then add it to the blender, along with the banana and the skyr. Blend everything together until smooth, about a minute. Taste the smoothie. If it's too tart for you, add the sweetened condensed milk or honey.

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Guava is higher in Vitamin C, Copper, Fiber, and Folate, however, Banana is richer in Vitamin B6, and Manganese. Daily need coverage for Vitamin C from Guava is 244% higher. Guava contains 7 times more Vitamin E than Banana. While Guava contains 0.73mg of Vitamin E , Banana contains only 0.1mg. Guava has less Sugar.

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Prepare the guava by cutting each in half and removing the seeds. Measure out 3/4 cup fresh sliced guava, approximately 4-5 guavas. Place the sliced guava and remaining smoothie ingredients into a high-powered blender. Blend until smooth. Taste and add more agave as desired.

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Almond milk - Or you can use the milk you prefer to drink.; Guavas - Use 3 ripe guavas, with the seeds removed. Look for ones that smell sweet and are slightly tender when squeezed. Frozen Banana - A frozen banana makes a smoothie extra creamy so I recommend it here just like I do for my strawberry banana and kale kiwi smoothie bowls.; Strawberries - Look for local, seasonal ones for.

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Instructions. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Slice guavas in half and remove the tough seeds inside. Mash the guava pieces together with the overripe banana. You're going for the smoothest, most gooey, liquidy texture possible as this is the only wet ingredient in this banana bread.

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Guava leaf extract has been shown to have an anticancer effect. Test-tube and animal studies show that guava extract can prevent and even stop the growth of cancer cells ( 18 , 19 ).

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Honey Banana [Guava] Bread (Soaked) By Marillyn Beard - Makes one 9โ€ฒ by 4โ€ฒ loaf. 3 cups spelt or whole wheat flour. 2 cups buttermilk, kefir or yogurt (or water with 2 Tbsp. acid medium) Mix flour and cultured dairy throughly. Soak in a warm place for 12-24 hours. The bread will rise better if soaked for 24 hours. 3 eggs, lightly beaten.

Vegan Cardamom Guava Banana Bread Leisure Fan Club

To remove guava flesh, use a spoon and glide it along the inside of the guava, as close to the outside skin as possible. Blend all ingredients in until smooth. Makes 3-4 servings. Scoop out the entire core to remove all the seeds. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh after seeding the guava.

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Feel free to simply rinse the guava off and dive in, eating the rind and the seeds. In fact, the rind of a guava has more vitamin C than an entire orange. If you'd like to cut the guava, place.

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Bake the guava banana cake in a preheated 375F oven for 25-30 minutes or until a cake tester comes out clean, the bananas are soft and the cinnamon and sugar is crispy and brown. Let cool at least an hour before cutting.

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1 frozen banana, peeled. 5-6 frozen strawberries, halved. ยพ cup guava juice or nectar. 8 ice cubes. 1 cup low-fat or non-fat vanilla yogurt. 2 teaspoons honey. Method. Place all the ingredients in a blender.

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The guava, banana, cherry and pineapple provide enough sweetness on their own. A Quick Word on Sourcing Ingredients. As Chef Ari mentioned above, guava can be quite tough to get at most local grocery stores. That's why we suggest using guava juice or, ideally, guava nectar..

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Guava fruit is a nutritious and healthful food that is rich in several important nutrients. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 100 grams (g) of raw guava fruit contain: 68.

Guava Fruit on a Banana Leaf. Fresh Psidium Guajava Stock Image Image

A homemade banana cucumber guava smoothie typically has roughly 111 calories per serving (200 ml, one glass). The amount of calories you need per day varies depending on your gender, age, height, weight, activity level, and overall health.