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Gourmia Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer

Insert the centrifugal bowl into the spout housing and press down to click it into place. Place the waste container on the side of the juicer with the black stripe. Cover the spout housing and waste container with the juicer cover. Lift the clamp over the juicer cover and into the grooves, on top of the cover to secure everything into place.

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Place orange halves on cones one at a time. Remember, pressure on both cones simultaneously will begin operation. Place another orange in the slicing compartment (4). Lower lid (1) and, using both hands on either side of the lid, apply firm pressure. This will start the juicing operation and cut the whole orange in half.

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FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE VISIT US @ GOURMIA.COM OR CALL 888.552.0033 7. The dial above the juicer spout should be turned to the left so the juice can flow into the pitcher in a full stream. 8. When finished juicing wait for all the juice to flow out of the juicer before removing the pitcher. 9. All the waste from the produce will go into the waste.

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The Gourmia juicer has a powerful 800-watt motor, 6 digital speeds, and a pulse mode to juice all sorts of produce. The advanced filtration maximizes juice for less waste and more nutrients, while the micro-mesh filter strains away pulp, seeds, foam and other residue so drinks are always silky smooth. Its extra-wide chute fits entire fruit.

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In the event of damage, do not use and contact Gourmia. Clean the parts with warm water and soap. The blades on the Centrifugal Bowl are sharp! Use extreme caution when handling.. Wipe down the Juicer Base and Clamp using a soft, damp cloth to remove any stains. The Pitcher, Pulp Container, and Brush are dishwasher safe. STORAGE.

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Never open the juicer or touch any internal parts of the juicer until it has come to a full stop. Never stick your fingers into the spout or funnel of the juicer. Never use your fingers or any utensils to push food into the juicer. Only use the supplied plunger. Never leave the juicer running non-stop for more than 1 minute at a time.

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6 digital speeds: Soft, Citrus, Medium, Greens, Fibrous or Hard. Powerful 800-watt performance. Micro-Mesh filter strains away pulp and seeds. Self-Clean Cycle with click-in brush. Dishwasher safe: 36 oz. juice pitcher and large pulp container. Sleek and durable stainless-steel design. Includes user manual with juicing chart.

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in this video I will be reviewing the Gourmia Juicer that I just grabbed from Walmart. I will also be cleaning the juicer starting around 21mins in.

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We found the Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer to be a good way to combine a hand-press juicer with a motor. It is near effortless to use so the whole family can enjoy it. The filter is able to separate a good deal of pulp and extra bits from the fruit you don't want so that you can reap the full benefits of just the juice, getting in as.

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The Gourmia generated about 5 mL less than the average amount of juice, but it was free of foam. Finally, this product delivered an acceptable performance at juicing spinach, generating an average amount of juice, though there was a decent amount of foam. The Gourmia wasn't the easiest to clean, but it still wasn't overly difficult.

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The juicer is easy to set up and use and the juices come out fabulous every time. It is easy to clean and looks great on the counter. Very excited to have start my juicing journey with this Gourmia Juicer. Helpful. Report. Rara nandez. 4.0 out of 5 stars Powerful but clean up can be tedious. Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2020.

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Celery Juice, Citrus Juice, How To Make Juice, Start Juicing, Vitamix

Instructions to assemble and use the Gourmia GSJ300 Wide Mouth Masticating Slow JuicerThis is my first slow masticating juicer and I love it. It comes with g.

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2351 reviews. $64.99. Quantity. Enjoy a large variety of healthy vegetable and fruit juices with this Gourmia Whole Fruit Extraction Juicer Pro, New, with 6 Speeds, Large Capacity, Advanced Filtration and Self-Clean Cycle. The Gourmia juicer has a powerful 800-watt motor, 6 digital speeds, and a pulse mode to juice all sorts of produce.

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Gourmia Citrus Juicer. $62.99. Amazon. Buy Now. Save to Wish List. The key to this juicer's success is leverage. A cup at the top, which looks like a bell, is attached to a lever arm. As you pull the handle, the lever lowers the cup until it form-fits over half of an orange, pomegranate, or whatever's on the strainer.

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โ€ข Pure apple juice turns brown quickly when exposed to air. To prevent discolor-ation, serve apple juice immediately after juicing or add a little lemon juice. โ€ข Remember that fruit pulp can be used in cakes, vegetable lasagne, mu๏ฌƒns, etc. 1. Remove the plug from its wall socket and allow the apparatus to cool completely before cleaning. 2.