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Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon is produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, along the banks of the Kentucky River. Although the mash bill is undisclosed, Eagle Rare is said to use Buffalo Trace's Mash Bill #1, which is believed to include about 10% rye. Like all bourbons, it must contain at least 51% corn in the.

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Currently, the coveted Buffalo Trace Antique Collection consists of three bourbons (Eagle Rare 17 Year Old, George T. Stagg, and William Larue Weller) and two rye whiskeys (Sazerac 18 Year Old and.

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It's another classic, the Old-Fashioned: 2 ounces Eagle Rare 10-Year Bourbon. 1 teaspoon Demerara Syrup. 2 dashes Angostura Bitters. 1 dash Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters. Stir all the ingredients over ice, then strain into a double rocks glass over one large ice cube. Garnish with an orange and a lemon twist. Okay, the above recipe doesn't.

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Add the 1:1 ratio and simmer on medium-low heat; stirring until the sugar has dissolved. In a mixing glass add bourbon, bitters, and simple syrup. Give it a good stir. Meanwhile, in an Old Fashioned glass add 1 large ice cube and a Luxardo cherry. Next, take an orange peel and twist it in the glass and rub the peel around the rim of the glass.

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Recommended, but skip the lemon peel. Rating: 4 / 5. Old Fashioned Cocktail (adapted from Death & Co.) 2 oz Bourbon (Eagle Rare) 1 tsp Demerara Syrup. 2 dashes Angostura Bitters. 1 dash Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters. Stir all ingredients with ice and then strain into a rocks glass with a single, large cube. Garnish with a lemon and orange twist.

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Eagle Rare launches 25-year-old bourbon. Buffalo Trace Distillery has announced the release of a 25-year-old Eagle Rare bourbon, the oldest expression from the brand to date. Eagle Rare 25 is the first release from the distillery's Warehouse P, one of its two experimental warehouses. The purpose-built Warehouse P has been designed to trial.

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Freddie's Old Fashioned Soda; Product Availability; EAGLE RARE 17 YEAR-OLD.. "One of the best Eagle Rare 17s ever and perhaps my favorite.". ANNUAL RELEASE LETTERS: 2023 Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old. 2022 Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old 2021 Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old 2020 Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old 2019 Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old 2018 Eagle Rare 17 Year-Old 2017.

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Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky - Buy it here; W.L. Weller Special Reserve - Buy it here; Rittenhouse Rye - Buy it here; Jim Beam White Label Bourbon Whisky - Buy it here; Common Old Fashioned Cocktail Mistakes. Even though the Old Fashioned recipe has been around for 150 years, that doesn't mean it's foolproof.

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10 November 2023 By Ted Simmons. The 25-year-old Bourbon is the first release from Warehouse P, one of Buffalo Trace's two experimental warehouses. Only 200 bottles of Eagle Rare 25 will be.

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Eagle Rare 25 is an ultra-aged bourbon that exemplifies the Distillery's relentless commitment to innovation and honoring tradition but embracing change. At 25 years old, Eagle Rare 25 marks the oldest expression released from the Eagle Rare portfolio. Defying existing perception of ultra-aged bourbon with its smooth, complex flavor profile.

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Freddie's Old Fashioned Soda; Product Availability; Eagle Rare Bourbon.. Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey is masterfully crafted and carefully aged for no less than ten years. Every barrel is discriminately selected to offer consistent flavor but with a seemingly individual personality. Eagle Rare is a bourbon that lives up to its name with its.

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The 2020 Eagle Rare 17 Year Old in the BTAC pays tribute to the 1974 launch of the Eagle Rare Brand. In fact, at that time, it was bottled at 101 proof. Once again, the 2020 Antique Eagle Rare goes back to its roots at the same proof. Similarly, the 17-year-old Eagle Rare is mellow like the Antique Sazerac 18 Year Old.

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Muddle the sugar and bitters ‍together until the cube is dissolved. Add a large ice cube to your glass to‌ keep the drink chilled‌ without dilution. Pour in 2 ounces of‌ Eagle Rare or Rare Breed, depending on your preference. Garnish ⁢with⁣ an orange twist and a Luxardo cherry for an‌ extra touch⁢ of elegance.

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The Old Fashioned is the original whiskey cocktail and deserves the very best base spirit. Here are the top bartender picks to make your Old Fashioned taste brand new again.. Eagle Rare, and E.H. Taylor Small Batch. "Subtly sweet and fruity with caramel and toffee notes, plus a hint of white pepper spiciness, [Buffalo Trace].

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Product History. Eagle Rare Bourbon Single Barrel Select is a premium bourbon whiskey produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery. The brand started as a 10-year-old, 101 proof bourbon and has undergone several transformations to its current form as a 10-year-old, small batch bourbon, still at 90 proof. Eagle Rare uses the #1 Mashbill from Buffalo.

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This very limited 20-year-old bourbon whiskey lives up to its name, maturing twice as long as our standard Eagle Rare 10-year-old bourbon and featuring two beautifully-sculpted crystal glass eagles in the Double Eagle decanter. A true collectors' item, Double Eagle Very Rare is presented in a luxurious silver box and crystal decanter.