Apparently burgers are popular in Toronto. Check out Toronto Life's top

The 10 Best Burgers From Around The World

Bison Burgers. Flavor-wise, bison is just about as close as you can get to beef. It's tender and even a bit sweet. But its nutritional profile makes it a much healthier option than a par-for-the-course ground beef burger. A 90% lean hamburger has about 10 grams of fat, according to the USDA.

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Flip Burger - Atlanta, GA. We'd trust Richard Blais to cook us up just about anything, and among his glorious plethora of burgers at Flip Burger, is one that shines just a tad brighter than the rest. The Raw Steak Tartare is obviously a bit different from your everyday hamburger, but the fried egg and smoky mayo just make it incredible.

Apparently burgers are popular in Toronto. Check out Toronto Life's top

Here are 20 different types of burgers you need to try: 1. Classic Cheeseburger. Source : instagram . A classic cheeseburger consists of a juicy beef patty topped with a slice of melted cheese, usually American or cheddar. The patty is made from ground beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, and cooked to perfection on a grill or stovetop.

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Here, we've gathered some of our favorite burger recipes, including Pat LaFrieda beef blends, a turkey burger, veggie burgers, chicken and shrimp burgers, and delicious burger toppings. Keep your.

8 Types of Burgers—Ranked! Eat This Not That

People, a slider is something very specific. It is not just a mini hamburger. It's a thin, thin slip of beef, cooked on a griddle with onions and pickles piled atop patty. The steam from the onions does as much cooking as the griddle. The buns are placed atop the onions, absorbing the pungent aroma and flavor.

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These gourmet burger recipes are topped with everything from bacon, lettuce and tomato to caramelized onions, onion ring toppers, aioli sauces, spicy pickles and apples and vegetables. The possibilities are endless (and delicious!) A great burger starts with a the perfect patty.

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17. Chorizo Burger (2010s) Incorporating the flavors of Spanish and Mexican cuisine, the Chorizo burger features beef mixed with spicy chorizo sausage. Topped with ingredients like queso fresco, jalapeños, and avocado, the Chorizo Burger offers a flavorful and spicy alternative to traditional burgers. 18.

The two basic types of burgers and why you need to know 'em.

Similar to cranberries and a common sight in Scandinavian cuisine, these slightly tart berries add a unique and flavorful element to the reindeer burger experience. 2. Islak burger. The name islak.

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Bison Burgers. This meat is showing up more and more in burger recipes as people discover the deliciousness of bison meat. It looks a lot like ground beef, and it has a similar flavor but with just a couple of different tasting notes.

8 Types of Burgers—Ranked! Eat This Not That

The California Burger comes typically with either avocado or its offspring, guacamole, and sometimes bacon. Please do not confuse it with In-N-Out, even though that chain is synonymous with California burger culture. In some parts of Mississippi, a California Burger means you want lettuce, tomato, and onion.

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Portobello mushroom burger. Substituting the meat patty for a delicious, meaty, umami-packed grilled portobello mushroom will give you a vegan burger that will satisfy even the hungriest carnivore. Add mango and beansprouts for a fresh contrast of texture and flavour.

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Cooking a burger at home is work—you've got to toast buns, clean lettuce, slice tomato, cut up onions, crisp bacon, form patties, light coals . . . but it almost never disappoints. There's.

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Cola Burgers. Go to Recipe. A friend who's an excellent cook shared her best hamburger recipe with me, and it has since become a family favorite. The unusual combination of cola and French salad dressing added to the ground beef gives it fabulous flavor. The mixture is also used as a basting sauce on the moist burgers.

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31 burger recipes. Easy comfort food, our loaded burger ideas are great for a weekend treat or as a mid-week meal, from raclette burgers to lighter Asian and veggie options. Try our best burger recipes, from homemade beef patties to chicken or fish burgers. We also have some fab vegetarian burger recipes (try our whopping vegan burger, too).

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Quesadilla Burgers. Ethan Calabrese. Meet our new favorite way we cope with indecision, because no longer do you have to choose between a quesadilla or a burger. Turns out, a chili- and jalapeño.

The two basic types of burgers and why you need to know 'em.

Whether you choose all-beef cheeseburgers, turkey burgers piled high with fixings or meatless veggie patties—you can't go wrong with burgers. 1 / 61 Photo: Matt Armendariz ©