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4. Soap Dispenser. Dispensers are a popular anything but a cup idea! Soap dispensers are a great option for those who want something a bit more unique without spending too much money. Simply take an empty soap dispenser and clean it out thoroughly. Then, fill it up with your favorite beverage and screw on the pump.

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Quirky Non-Cup Drink Ideas. First up, we have some of the cutest anything-but-a-cup ideas. When I say cute, I mean quirky. Sure, some of these are cute beer Olympics style ideas, but there is a good handful here that are quite hilarious and almost gross. Between you can I, I think those tend to be the winners in terms of the best Not-A-Cup contest.

Anything But A Cup Bottle & Label Etsy

An "anything but a cup" party is a themed party where guests are asked to bring a beverage in a container other than a cup. Such as a coconut shell or Windex spray bottle. The idea is to get guests to think creatively and come up with unusual ways to consume their drinks beyond basic party supplies. This type of party can add a fun and.

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Anything But Cup Party is a type of party where you can use anything as a container instead of the usual cups. This can be anything from a flower pot to a boot or a skull if you dare to. It is a great way to get creative and have some fun with your party planning. Anything but cup party ideas, how did it start? Anything but cup parties first.

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Another common anything but a cup idea is to drink out of some type of cookware. This usually includes: Frying pans. Pots. Skillets. In short, anything in your kitchen that can hold liquid is fair game here! 8. A Toilet Plunger. One funny idea for an anything but a cup party is to drink out of a toilet plunger.

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The first rule is that everyone has to bring their own non-cup. This is so people don't forget and just turn up with a regular old cup. You want anything but a cup, so remind your guests before the party. Make sure the non-cup allows you to drink. The second rule is that you have to be able to drink out of your non-cup.

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An anything but a cup party is exactly what it sounds like… a party with anything but cups! The only rule of these parties is that you can't have your drink in a cup. Instead, everyone has to get creative and bring funny items to drink out of instead. Don't worry if you can't think of anything, I've got you covered with over 30 ideas!

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One of the most unique that you can bring in this anything but a cup party idea and by bringing this amazing sock shaped flask will create a many scenes of fun and crazy talks about this idea. Brilliant idea to store your favorite drink and enjoy the other moments at the same time. This Santa sock flask is Leak proof and can hold upto 2.5 litres.

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Wash the inside and outside of your vessel with soap and warm water to make sure it's safe to drink out of. 2. Seal any holes. Next, try to fill your vessel up with water and see if there are any leaks. You can use duct tape to help seal up the leaks before your party so you don't make a mess while you're drinking. 3.

Anything But A Cup Bottle & Label Etsy

25. Super Soaker Water Gun. One of the most fun Anything But A Cup ideas is this one, perfect if the party is outdoors and your buddies don't mind getting a bit wet! 26. Toilet Plunger. So this ABC party idea is not for the faint hearted, but if you are feeling outlandish, how about a drink from a toilet plunger. 27.

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French's Tomato Ketchup, 32 oz. At 32 ounces, this can hold a lot of drink. And it's light and food grade plastic. The cap is tight enough not to leak, and at around $3 per bottle, it's one of the cheapest and easiest cup alternatives on the list. Or use any condiment bottles you have, mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce bottles, and on and on.

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Cut one of the ends and transform the bat into a cup, which you can fill with any drink. 24. Soap dispenser. Proper hygiene is important, but this item would be hilarious at an anything but a cup party. You can clean your soap dispenser, although the solution residue will still be present.

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Just grab an old popcorn bucket and fill it with your drink of choice. Pringle Can: This is one of the most iconic anything but a cup ideas. All you have to do is clean out an empty Pringle can and it is ready to use. Shell: For a mermaid vibe try drinking your beverage out of a seashell.

Anything but a cup party turtle party YouTube

One of the most creative ideas for an anything but cups party is to use a hollow plastic baseball bat. Either unscrew or cut off the end and fill the inside with your drink of choice. 4. Watering Can. Source: Tiktok (@aleearroyo_) Another hilarious cup alternative is to drink out of a watering can all night.

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The 12 Funniest "Anything But Cups" Party Ideas. Going to an ABC party usually means two things: "Anything But Clothes" and "Anything But Cups.". A popular theme at college parties.

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The point of an anything but a cup party is to challenge your guests to bring a clever vessel for consuming the irresistible drinks at your get together. Serve some of the most delicious cocktails and mocktails so your guests have every reason to bring the biggest, most effective cup-alternative they can think of. Serve colorful fruit drinks, sunny tropical cocktails, or sweet strawberry.