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Pat dry and toss with the seasonings in the Instant Pot. Step 3: Pour 1 cup BBQ sauce over the top. Step 4: Cook at high pressure for 30 minutes with a natural release. Step 5: Shred the meat and stir back into the sauce. Step 6: Serve the meat on toasted buns with more BBQ sauce.

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Simply season the roast beef, add the broth to the slow cooker then add the roast. Slow cook for 6-8 hours on low. Carefully remove the beef. Be careful because it's very tender and will probably fall apart. Place it into a large bowl. Shred the roast beef with a fork or an electric hand mixer (for faster results).

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Instructions. Season the beef chunks with salt and pepper. Set aside. Turn on the pot's Sauté function. When it is hot, add the oil and then the roast chunks. Brown a few minutes on each side. Take out the meat and set on a plate and add the onion to the pot with a splash or two of the water/broth.

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Cover and seal. Cook on high pressure. When done, use natural release method. Remove beef and shred. Drain remaining broth from insert and add beef back. Add bbq sauce and crushed pineapple. Cover and seal. Cook on high pressure for 1 minute and use quick release method. Full instructions below.

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In the base of you instant pot, pour the content of your BBQ sauce. Place chuck and onions in barbecue sauce and toss to coat. \Lock the lid into place and set the valve to 'Sealing'. Hit Manual on your pot and make sure you're on 'High Pressure'. Use the '+' and '-' buttons to set to 45 minutes. When the pot reaches pressure, it will start to.

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Remove the beef brisket to rest as noted in the directions. Pour the broth from the instant pot into a bowl. Reserve for dipping or pouring over the brisket :). Press the "Saute" button and add in the BBQ sauce. Cook, stirring frequently, to warm the sauce for a few minutes. Press the "Cancel/keep warm" button.

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Here are the easy steps to make barbecue beef in your Instant Pot. Select the 'Saute' function on the Instant Pot. When the pot is hot, add the oil. When the oil starts to shimmer, add the onion and cook until the onion starts to soften, stirring frequently, about 2-3 minutes. Press 'Cancel' and add the cubed beef; stir.

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Set it aside. In a small bowl combine all the BBQ seasoning spices and herbs. Give it a good stir. Reserve 2 tablespoon of the seasoning to after cooking. Set aside. Pro Tip - make sure to break up all the brown sugar pieces before moving on. Pour the water, cider vinegar, and Worcestershire in the Instant Pot.

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Directions. 1 Whisk the chili powder, cumin, paprika, 1 teaspoon salt, the cayenne and a few grinds of black pepper in a large bowl. Add the beef and toss to coat well. 2 Set a 6-quart Instant Pot to sauté on high. When hot, add the vegetable oil, then add the beef in a single layer and cook, turning, until browned, about 10 minutes.

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How to make Instant Pot bbq beef. Step 1: Add the beef to the Instant Pot inner pot. Tip >> For faster cooking, cut the roast into 5-6 pieces. This should cut the cooking time down to 60 minutes. For even faster cooking, cut the roast into 1 inch pieces. This will reduce the cooking time to 45 minutes. Step 2: Sprinkle the seasoning blend over.

Instant Pot Barbecue Beef Roast Simply Happy Foodie

Add the whole garlic cloves, stock and BBQ sauce to the pot. Put the lid on and turn the instant pot to pressure cook. Select 'manual' and set the timer for 60 minutes. Once the time is up, let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before turning the valve to vent. Open the lid and remove the beef with tongs.

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Add ingredients. Put beef, sliced onions, broth and 1/2 cup of bbq sauce into your pot. Pressure cook beef. Close lid and steam vent and set to high pressure for 60 minute cook time, followed by a 10 - 15 minute natural release. Drain and shred.

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Preheat oven to 325 F degrees. Process sauce ingredients. Sear beef in a large dutch oven on the stove. Add in onion, tomato paste, green chiles, and bay leaves. Reduce beef broth to 1/2 cup and pour in chipotle sauce. Cover and bake for 3 - 3 1/2 hours, until beef is tender enough to shred easily.

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Add water to reach 2 cups total, stir, and pour over the roast. Check the sealing ring and lock the Instant Pot, turning the valve to "sealing.". Press "Meat/Stew" and use the + or "Adjust" button to increase the timing to 60 minutes. It will take about 15 minutes for the unit to get up to pressure and start the countdown timer.

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Combine pepper, salt and celery seed into a gallon Ziploc bag. Add the brisket, shake and rub the spices into the meat. Add the liquid smoke and aminos and shake again. Seal and refrigerate for at least overnight, or up to 24 hours. Add the BBQ sauce and water into the instant pot. Add the brisket, fat cap side facing up.

Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork Gimme Some Oven

Deglaze the inner pot with a bit of the beef broth and scrape with a spatula. Make sure to get all bits off of the bottom of the inner pot. Turn the sauté button off and place the meat back into the inner pot. Add in the rest of the beef broth. Place lid on Instant Pot and set for 60 minutes on high pressure.