Barbados; the birthplace of rum! Discover the scents behind the natural

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The future of Barbadian rum was in peril. In 1893, George Stade and his brother built the first large-scale "modern" distillery, making rum from purchased molasses. It was also the first time column distillation was used to make rum on Barbados. In short order, the distillery began making more rum than all other distilleries on Barbados.

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Doorly's. Another brand from the Seale family's Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, Doorly's offers a more affordable and accessible line of white, gold, and dark rum that range in age from 3 to 14 years. Doorly's top seller is the XO which is first aged in both Oak and sherry casks, delivering a palate of toffee, vanilla, and raisins.

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2. Doorly's 12 Year Rum. Photo credit: The Whisky Exchange. This Barbados rum comes with a twelve year wait. Aged in former white oak casts, then later switched to a hybrid port wine cast, Doorly's flavor reflects the unique process. Taste: Somewhat nutty with a tiny hint of a dark berry flavor, like plum or cherries.

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Bajan (Barbadian) rum is typically made from a mix of pot and column still distillation to achieve a balanced flavor profile, incorporating spicy wood notes from the oak, the dark sugars of molasses, and a bit of that big pot-still punch. Rum producers in Barbados emphasize masterful blending of those different distillate components, as well as.

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Rum has been a part of Barbados culture for several centuries, with the first recorded recipe for rum punch dating back to the 1600's! As you can imagine it was a simple start with just rum, lime juice, sugar, and water, all pretty abundant on the island. Nutmeg and Angostura bitters were later additions. Today local bartenders and.

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Types of Barbadian Rum. Barbadian rum comes in various styles, from light and smooth to rich and full-bodied. White rums are typically lighter and are perfect for cocktails. Golden rums, aged longer, have more depth and are ideal for sipping. The dark rums of Barbados, aged in charred barrels, offer a robust flavor profile with hints of spices.

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The story of Barbadian rum is inseparable from the history of sugarcane on the island. Sugarcane was introduced to the Caribbean by the Portuguese in the 16th century, where it flourished thanks to its fertile soils and tropical climate. The production of sugar from cane brought with it molasses, and it was the fermentation of this byproduct that gave birth to rum in the 17th century.

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The undisputed birthplace of rum, Barbados is an island dotted with windmills in ruins once used for grinding sugar cane to extract the juice. Eventually, the sugar industry begins to decline, but the island continues to produce excellent rums, distinguished by traditional local methods. Indeed, distillers have not completely abandoned the pot.

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Published 11/9/17. Rum's origins are diffuse and unrecorded, but its first permanent roots are anchored in the coral limestone rock of 17th-century Barbados. The island's literal foundation distinguishes Barbados from its many volcanic neighbors. Its fresh water is filtered through that stone, becoming the foundation of its rum.

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The Barbados Rum Experience returns to the beautiful Radisson Hotel on the south coast of the Island. Wake up early and catch a swim with the racehorses or sneak in a quick dip between seminars. The Radisson is centrally located for all that Barbados has to offer. Book now and quote the reference BRE24 and the Barbados Rum Experience to access.

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Barbadian rum is the key ingredient in numerous classic and innovative cocktails that highlight its versatility and flavors. Here are a few popular recommendations for enjoying Barbadian rum in creative ways: Bajan Rum Punch: A quintessential Caribbean cocktail, the Bajan Rum Punch combines Barbadian rum, fresh lime juice, sugar, and a hint of.

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But there is one Barbadian rum that truly captures the spirit of the people, delivering notes of aromatic spice, tantalizing tropical fruits, luxurious vanilla, and silken caramel. BAJAN 1966 carries on age-old Caribbean traditions with a rum worthy of its name. It's the epitome of a nation and its visionary people, brimming with culture.

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Rum Making at Mount Gay. Barbados, the birthplace of rum. The birthplace of Mount Gay. Since 1703. Explore three centuries of Mount Gay Rum's history, craft, and sailing heritage. From rum's beginnings in 1703 Barbados, a detail of island ingredients, to contemporary cocktails recommended for each blend.

Barbados; the birthplace of rum! Discover the scents behind the natural

Cockspur. Cockspur is another popular Barbados rum brand that has been producing rum for over 130 years. The distillery is located in St. Michael, Barbados, and is known for producing smooth and flavorful rums. Cockspur produces a range of rums, including the Cockspur Fine Rum, which is a blend of aged rums that is smooth and mellow with notes.

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Barbadian rum producers are pushing for their own Geographical Indication, standardising and improving the rum quality and international exposure. Still, producers have yet to agree on what Barbados rum should be and how it should be produced and aged. The future is bright, though, for Barbados rum..

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The rum shops of Barbados are full of culture, local flavor and of course, great rum. Considering this tiny Caribbean island is the birthplace of rum, it's no… Surviving for over 300 years, Barbados rum shops are an integral part of Bajan history and culture today.