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An exclusively transparent stone is found much rarer compared to saturated colored minerals.

Nature has painted all the stones in marvelous shades and given each of them a certain portion of transparency and gloss.

The major property of a transparent mineral is its ability to sparkle and shine in the light. By refracting rays of light in the amazing manner, stones allow us to admire this stunning effect.

Any transparent stone is very attractive. It may be either colored or colorless. If a gemstone doesn’t have its own shade, that doesn’t mean that it’s worse than others. On the contrary, this mineral has its unique charm. For instance, the most valuable transparent glassy mineral is diamond. As a rule, it’s colorless.

The group of transparent crystals also includes: topaz, ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, garnet and aquamarine. Every gemstone is endowed with unique abilities that grant it a status of a powerful talisman for a certain category of people.

Useful Abilities Of Gems

Even the term “transparent” features a certain meaning, causing a desire to confide in this mineral. As you know, transparency is associated with truth. Therefore, all transparent stones are a symbol of honesty and sincerity.

Such an expensive gemstone as diamond may be associated with misfortune and lies, but that’s caused by people’s desire to own it. The mineral is fully independent, it can’t stand someone’s patronage. Only as an exception, diamond suddenly obeys a man and becomes his loyal assistant.

The present owner of the stone gets strength from it. By the way, not only physical strength is meant in this case. The owner of diamond suddenly finds he possesses such personal qualities as courage and bravery. Black diamond helps to develop willpower. That’s why many magicians recommend those struggling with their disastrous passion to wear a diamond mascot.


Topaz is a stone of warmth. No, that’s not about flames or coolness, exactly pleasant warmth is meant. It feels like the mineral embodies the golden mean that’s hard to find. Therefore, the transparent gem can tame passions and incite feelings. You love has gone, hasn’t it? Yellow topaz will help to get it back. You want to discard your emotions and learn to think rationally, don’t you? Topaz will help again, but you need a brown sample, shiny and bright. A blue or azure mineral is considered to be the best mascot for shy and unsociable personalities. This gem is often utilized for magical rituals, but carried out only by white magicians.


A red glassy ruby stone ​​is known for its strong healing properties. It’s efficient almost against all diseases related to the cardiovascular system. In magic ruby crystals as charms are valued mainly for their ability to protect the house and its owners from the negative influence of evil spirits. Red-brown ruby strongly likes kind people, who are used to faithfully serve the public.


Amethyst is a stone of love and all lovers. This mineral won’t bewitch the loved one, because it isn’t subject to evil spells. However, it helps a lover to learn to love sincerely. The gem somehow knows how to make its owner happy in love. Furthermore, amethyst will help you with self-improvement. Regardless of the reason to change for the better in the future, it will be carried out by means of this reliable gem.


The famous blue precious gem sapphire is a patron of noble and calm people. None of black magicians will ever dare to make use of the mineral’s properties. Only kind sorcerers pursuing peaceful goals can use it. Previously, sapphire was considered a stone of virgins. That’s due to some of its qualities, such as loyalty, reliability and purity.


Being a very beautiful and valuable precious stone, emerald also helps patients to recover, while with this stone miserable people can find joy in their life once again. By itself, the green color is a symbol of good, so it favors all undertakings. Maybe because of this, when painting rocks, nature has chosen exactly the green shade for emerald. Today emerald crystals symbolize a solid shield against anything evil that can ever happen to a man.


Garnet is another good green stone. A garnet bracelet – that’s what a heroine of the novel by Alex Kuprin gets as a sign of the purest and most faithful love. Despite this well-known story, red garnet is considered a symbol of love.


Aquamarine of the azure color, sharing the same transparency with water, was often used as an amulet against shipwrecks. In general, the blue color and its azure shade have always symbolized wisdom and reasonableness. Apart from that, aquamarine crystals help their owner to filter information and be more critical to suggestions as well as attempts of manipulation.

This amazing gem has a wide range of properties. It’s even capable to cure some diseases, while its magical abilities are unique in their kind. Is any other precious mineral able to tame the passion of the sea?

Whom Do These Glassy Minerals Fit?

Any glassy mineral performs some special functions. Every person sometimes urgently require some of its abilities. These stones are endowed with such a rare quality in our time as sincerity. Therefore, they can be of good service only to honest and open people.

If a person finds his conscience clear, the gemstone is absolutely necessary. Indeed, it’s so sad such people are extremely vulnerable to negative manifestations of others. Even if you own several semi-precious stones, you can save yourself from anything negative and aggression.

It doesn’t matter what shade this particular gem has: blue, green, white, brown, black, blue, if it’s purchased solely for protection. By the way, the everyday wear of a mascot with the stone is highly recommended, as only in this case the mineral will provide the desired level of protection. However, all of this is just a matter of time, because sooner or later the person learns from his stones to defend himself using his internal resources.

Actual Mascots

Every precious mineral serves as an amulet some individuals and families. Semi-precious stones have the same abilities, so they aren’t inferior in terms of providing protection to their owners.

When choosing a mascot you should firstly pay attention to its appearance, color and belonging to the elements and signs of the Zodiac. Any glassy mascot is prone to obey kind magicians and can’t stand the black ones.

The latter used green emerald to provide a solid connection with the world of the dead. Representatives of the black magic even avoid dealing with black diamond – they can count on nothing good from this.

Any precious mineral can ask for the assistance of evil spirits when there’s an attempt to use it to reach evil goals. Such people are usually severely punished by the stone – they’re often doomed to everlasting torment.

Many semi-precious stones get along with golden frames. That’s because gold is a mineral of the Sun – it gives gems an extra energy to perform the role of a mascot.

Every blue stone in the talisman protects the human honor and dignity. Such jewelry products are often picked up by honest public servants. They often have to endure undeserved statements regarding their dishonesty. Each time they face a rapidly growing temptation to do a breakflip on their promise given to their electors, a talisman with a blue or azure stone will avert this nasty rash impulse.

One shouldn’t stay away from black or brown-colored gemstones. On the contrary, such talismans demonstrate amazing efficiency in some difficult situations, for instance, when ill-wishers try to bedevil a person or ruin his career. Besides this, along with yellow stones such mascots are utilized to protect marriages from a collapse caused by the outside interference.

Any transparent stone definitely deserves respect. If somebody from on high once delegated the duty of carrying good and providing protection to people, the stone fulfills these obligations perfectly. That’s what tens of millions of people have already seen with their own eyes and this applies to both contemporaries and ancestors.

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