Tinder Unmatch: How to Do It + What Happens When You Unmatch? 💔 (2023)


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Unmatching on Tinder

Here’s everything you need to know about unmatching on Tinder!

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How to Unmatch on Tinder

Did you swipe right without paying enough attention, and now you’re matched with someone you’re not interested in? Or maybe they said something in a message that turned you off?

No matter your reason for doing it, unmatching with someone on Tinder is easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Tap the person’s profile pic and open the chat queue.

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2. Androids: Tap the three-dot icon (…) near the top right.
iOS: Tap the blue shield icon in the top right.

3. Tap “unmatch.”
A pop-up will appear asking you if you’re sure you’d like to unmatch this person. Click your answer and continue on with your swiping.

If at any time in your dating app experience you feel uncomfortable about a user, report them by clicking the same (…) or shield icon and filing a report.

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Can the other person tell you unmatched them? (What do they see?)

In a word: no. They don’t get a notification.

You do disappear from their matches, but there’s no way for them to be 100% sure you unmatched. (It’s plausible, for instance, that you deleted your Tinder account altogether or that the disappearance was caused by a Tinder glitch.)

Does the conversation disappear when you’ve unmatched?

Unfortunately, those sweet nothings are gone forever. Thankfully, your inbox is now all cleared up for more compatible matches.

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How to get way more/better matches

Not getting high-quality matches? No worries; you can turn this around.

Take a good look at your Tinder pics. What are they saying about you that’s attracting the wrong kind of people (or failing to attract better ones)?

Photofeeler can tell you exactly how your Tinder pics are coming across to the gender/age you’re interested in. And it’s free to use here.

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Tinder Unmatch: How to Do It + What Happens When You Unmatch? 💔 (1)

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